Ellicottville, NY

Laura Solly Yoga (Ellicottville, NY)

This cozy Hatha studio is located right on the main strip of downtown Ellicottville. It may be hard to spot as it is tucked away the back of the outdoor shop, “Daff Dry Goods”. Classes are only four times a week so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time.

Laura teaches all four time slots (Monday and Wednesday nights along with Thursday and Saturday mornings). Her energy permeated over the phone when I called to reserve our spots. During her Hatha class she did a variety of visual meditations at the beginning and end. Being a 75 min class, she took her time with a lengthy meditation at the beginning that set an intention and awareness for the rest of the practice. Her roots are true to traditional Hatha sequencing and will satisfy any Hatha enthusiast.

The studio looks to have a capacity of 7 or maybe 8 max. The exposed brick and Himalayan Salt lamps surrounding the room give off a relaxing energy from the moment you step in. Having the entrance of the studio located at the back door of Daff, you look out onto the grassy backyard area lit up with hanging patio lights. As the sun sets, the room’s only lights are the dim Himalayan Salt lamps and hanging outdoor lights peaking through the window.

This class is a traditional, slower-paced Hatha class with touches of Yin Yoga incorporated. I would recommend Laura’s class if you are looking to unwind from a busy day of adventures in the outdoorsy town of Ellicottville.

If you are looking for more information on class times and pricing, contact Laura at Laura Solly Yoga


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