Cleveland, OH

The Studio Cleveland (Cleveland, OH)

This hidden gem of a studio is located on Cleveland’s East side, 3 mins walking distance from The Flats right off the water. With high ceilings, two yoga studios, a few smaller spa rooms, and a magnificent shop in their front lobby, this studio has it all. Some studios pride themselves on new, trendy, chic decor with no real yoga spirit embodied. ‘The Studio Cleveland‘ could not be further from that. Every part of this studio just screams authentic, spirit-based yoga (or should I say calmly invites you to embody yoga to where your body and mind meets you on this present day). All jokes aside, this studio is fabulous!

One of the aspects of this studio that made me instantly fall in love with it, was that they work on a donation basis (aka pay what you can afford). There is a large population of people who would practice yoga if it weren’t so expensive. By having this option available, people can pay $10/class, $15/class, or $20/class. This alone shows that ‘The Studio Cleveland’ is not doing it for the money, but for the love of practicing, teaching, and sharing yoga.

If you are looking to try a variety of yoga types, this studio is perfect for you. From “Guided Meditation” to “Powerful All-Levels Flow”. From “Thai Yoga Flow” to “Intro to Aerial Silks”. You will not be disappointed with the extensive variety of classes.

In addition to their yoga teachings, there are also options for Reiki Energy and Sound Healing, Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Massage, Sauna Sessions, and a variety of other spa services.