United States

Cleveland, OH

The Studio Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) This hidden gem of a studio is located on Cleveland’s East side, 3 mins walking distance from The Flats right off the water. With high ceilings, two yoga studios, a few smaller spa rooms, and a magnificent shop in their front lobby, this studio has it all. Some studios pride… Continue reading Cleveland, OH

Ellicottville, NY

Laura Solly Yoga (Ellicottville, NY) This cozy Hatha studio is located right on the main strip of downtown Ellicottville. It may be hard to spot as it is tucked away the back of the outdoor shop, “Daff Dry Goods”. Classes are only four times a week so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of… Continue reading Ellicottville, NY

Ohio City, OH

Sacred Rebel Yoga (Ohio City, OH) This studio is little gem in Ohio City just South of downtown Cleveland. The owner Delia is quirky and kind. She teaches a majority of the classes offered at the studio and does an excellent job being attentive to her students. They have a variety of classes from Hatha… Continue reading Ohio City, OH

Seven Fields, PA

Salt Power Yoga (Seven Fields, PA) The proof is in the title. Salt Power Yoga is definitely a power-based practice. Every class I have taken here has sun salutations through the entire class. There are a variety of standing and sometimes sitting poses between each. If you are looking for a yoga class that is… Continue reading Seven Fields, PA

South Portland, ME

Greener Postures Yoga (South Portland, ME) With almost all classes being heated vinyasa flows, this class is great if you’re looking for a work out. Holding strong poses while being able to stretch deeper in a warmed room, it is a great balance between powerful flows and energizing stretches. If you fear hot yoga, this… Continue reading South Portland, ME

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Melt Hot Yoga (Wilkes-Barre, PA) This is a true hot yoga studio. Complete with block props, a full-mirrored front and side room, and ridiculous heat. This is a one-room studio, which allows you to practice in silence without the distraction of the music in the class next door. Although, a majority of the instructors have… Continue reading Wilkes-Barre, PA