Meet Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea, founder of Yoga and Travel.

I am a Toronto-based Yoga Alliance RYT with a strong dance background. I am passionate about yoga and creating a balanced lifestyle.

My introduction to yoga came while searching to fill a void after retiring from a childhood of competitive dance. After trying a variety of movement and fitness classes, I happened to come upon yoga and it was love at first breath. My initial intention was to use yoga solely for the purpose of physical exercise but after years of dedicated practice, I have become a strong proponent of it’s ability to bring deep balance to both mind and body. For me yoga has become, not just my go to for physical exercise, but my personal survival kit in a world filled with constant distractions.

A life of vigorous travel throughout North America has blessed me with the good fortune of studying and training with some of the best of the best yoga mentors in Portland, Maine, Toronto, (Canada), Cleveland, Ohio, and Austin, Texas. I’ve drawn knowledge and skill from each of these teachers, which I passionately and openly share. I began my teaching career in my hometown, Toronto at Yogaspace, one of Canada’s oldest and most established yoga studios.

I look forward to connecting with you and creating a program that will fulfill your needs and attain your goals!

– Namaste xo