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Restoring with Restorative

Restorative yoga unfortunately isn’t in as high demand as the other mainstream yogas such as Moksha and Vinyasa practices. Although, restorative yoga has the most benefits with the least restrictions. Restorative yoga is accessible to a wide age range and requires hardly any strength and flexibility.

What is Restorative yoga? Restorative yoga consists of heavily supported postures held for several minutes at a time. Poses are most likely done seated or laying down on your side, back, or stomach. The reality is, a restorative yoga sequence only consists of 7-10 poses. Classes are paced extremely slow, the eyes are closed during a majority of the poses, and the body is meant to relax into each pose instead of actively working your muscles to keep yourself aligned. Many of these poses will be seated forward folds, passive twists, and gentle backbends. Props are king here, so you will likely be using a combination of bolsters, eye pillows, blocks, sandbags, straps, and blankets.

Just as active yoga poses can help your core strength, hip and shoulder mobility, and body stability, the recovery to these practices through restorative yoga is just as important. Restorative yoga can help with:

  1. high blood pressure
  2. weight loss
  3. optimizing organ function
  4. boosting the immune system
  5. releasing muscle tension
  6. relieving chronic stress
  7. balancing the nervous system

Many athletes and individuals have high-stress careers whether it is on the field, ice, court, classroom or boardroom. Taking time to incorporate some restorative yoga will allow you to restore the body and mind for your next big meeting or game. BUT!!! It is not always about that next work-related responsibility.

Stress also plays a significant role in many diseases today. Without delving into the long list of mental and physical diseases, stress can also cause you to get sick easily and tired often. Keep an eye out for restorative yoga classes in studios near you and with regular practice, watch your body and mind transform into a healthier, happier, more alert version of yourself!

Lastly, if you are just beginning your restorative practice and are nervous of trying out a full hour in a studio setting, I am more than happy to run you through a beginner private practice. A little taste is all you need to get hooked! For all yoga practice inquires, contact andrea.yogaandtravel@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing how the benefits of Restorative yoga impact your overall health and wellness! Stay well friends xo

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