5 Hip Openers for Hockey Players

Hockey player or not, a lot of us suffer from tight hips. These 5 hip openers relate directly to the hockey/skating stride, but can also help with anyone having limited hip mobility. Tight hips can force a curve in the spine causing lower back pain and weakening in the glutes. The most common cause of tight hip flexors is sitting for long periods of time… which is something I think we can ALL relate to! So, for all my hockey players looking to better their stride or any office staff looking to reduce low back pain, practice these 5 yoga poses daily and I promise you will see an improvement in hip mobility!

1. Pigeon Pose


  • keep both hips facing forward
  • back leg straight and engaged
  • spine and neck long
  • chest lifted
  • optional* fold forward at the hips
  • optional* rest on forearms or chest

2. Lizard Pose


  • start in high lunge
  • high on the back toes engaging back glute, quad, and hamstring
  • fold forward at the hips
  • spine long and virtually straight, no curve
  • place hands underneath shoulders on the inside of the front leg
  • optional* place elbows under shoulders resting on forearms

3. Happy Baby Pose


  • bend knees into chest
  • hips open knees come to either side of chest
  • grab the outsides of your feet
  • elbows on the insides of knees
  • apply pressure on the feet to create a deeper stretch
  • sacrum/tailbone and shoulders remain on mat

4. Three-Legged Dog Hip Opener Variation


  • start in downward dog
  • raise one straight leg into the air
  • bend lifted leg
  • stack hips one on top the other
  • keep weight even on both hands

5. Garland Pose


  • start standing with feet wide
  • toes pointing outwards
  • sitting down to your comfortable height
  • hands in prayer with chest lifted
  • back and neck long
  • use elbows to apply pressure to inner thighs

2 thoughts on “5 Hip Openers for Hockey Players”

    1. All depends on your limit! It could be 20 seconds or 3 full minutes. I would recommend shorter periods for poses that are causing your body a lot of strain. Each day try and hold a little longer. Holding a difficult pose for a long period could lead to injury and not progress. As they say, progress is a slow process! Slow and steady, then work your way up one breath at a time.


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